Seven-year-old Sheyla was eating at her favorite Vietnamese restaurant with her family, close friends and wish granters when Sergeant Gary Lang approached and asked for her help. Kill O'Watt was on the loose, wreaking havoc all over the Des Moines metro area. Sgt. Lang needed the help of a super hero. He needed Super Sheyla. 

Kill O'Watt had sent a video message that he was stealing the power from the movie theater at Jordan Creek Town Center and the hearts from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Super Sheyla knew he must be stopped. The group loaded up and headed to West Des Moines' Scratch Cupcakery, where special cupcakes were on hand to activate Super Sheyla's powers. After eating the cupcakes that gave her the power of invisibility and the ability to control electricity, Sheyla suited up, transforming into Super Sheyla for the day. 

As with most superheroes and villains, Sheyla's back story is one to pay attention to. The seven-year-old from the Des Moines area was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was very young. She looks healthy, but regularly receives respiratory therapy treatments for her lung disease. The condition qualified her to receive a wish from Make-A-Wish® Iowa. 

She walked into the theater, where Kill O'Watt was threatening the innocent patrons. Using her power of invisibility, Super Sheyla snuck up behind him, stole the bag of hearts from Build-A-Bear and restored power to the theater, but Kill O'Watt and escaped and was on to his next target: The Science Center of Iowa. 

Grateful for her heroics, Build-A-Bear Workshop had Sheyla and her sisters build stuffed animals and stocked them with all the accessories they needed. Super Sheyla met some of her fans, signed autographs and did television interviews, but before long, a new message appeared from Kill O'Watt. 

They were off to downtown Des Moines, where Kill O'Watt had already attacked at the Science Center of Iowa. When she arrived, the staff was begging for Super Sheyla's help to restore things. With custom-made goggles and some science, Super Sheyla was able to overcome the wrong that Kill O'Watt had done at this tourist icon in Des Moines. 

Sheyla's wish took great effort from many people, companies and organizations, making it a true community wish. Urbandale's Sergeant Lang has his own back story - his son Spencer's wish was granted several years ago, so he can relate well to the wish experience and what wish families go through. "Sheyla is amazing," said Sgt. Lang. "She stole my heart. It's pretty easy to give up your time for the right thing." 

Not finished yet, Kill O'Watt had moved on to turn off the power at Make-A-Wish Iowa's Jolly Holiday Lights display, a drive-through park that is open during the holidays. The organization was hosting its Tour de Lights event when, with a simple "Lights Out!", Kill O'Watt captured the electricity and taunted Super Sheyla to come out and try to save the day this time. Still at the Science Center, Sheyla jumped in her limo and dashed off to the event, just a couple of miles away. The crowd was frantic when she arrived, but Super Sheyla and Sergeant Lang were ready for action. Armed with her pink web gun the pair snuck up behind Kill O'Watt and captured him, saving the city from his evil plans.