Find more information on Jolly Holiday Lights by exploring the frequently asked questions below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop us a line over on the contact us page.

General Information

  • How can my company get a light display?

    To inquire about a light display email us at:

  • Is it free to view the light show?

    Yes! If you would like to financially support Make-A-Wish Iowa, you can stop by the Wish Shop, attend one of our special events, or donate here.

  • When is the Wish Shop open?

    The Make-A-Wish Iowa Jolly Holiday Lights Wish Shop will be open during Outlet Mall hours and will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

  • How can I sign up to volunteer?

    If you are interested in volunteering for Jolly Holiday Lights, visit our sign up page or contact Kacie Ballard at

  • Are there weather related closures at The Outlets of Des Moines?

    Weather related announcements will be shared on the Jolly Holiday Lights Facebook page.

  • How can I honor or remember a loved one at Jolly Holiday Lights?

    You can become a star sponsor! You will receive a star featuring In Memory or In Honor of text and custom name along walkway at the Outlets during Jolly Holiday Lights.

  • Why is Jolly Holiday Lights changing the event format?

    Jolly Holiday Lights has not been immune to weather-related challenges or competition from other light shows that have moved into the market over the past few years. We needed – and our attendees wanted – to rejuvenate this iconic family holiday experience. One thing we love about the Des Moines community is their eagerness to embrace new things. We feel the revised, upbeat format of Jolly Holiday Lights in 2023, paired with the popular location of the outlet mall, will make for a great holiday experience for everyone.

  • Why would you change it from driving to walking?

    We do surveys after each Jolly Holiday Lights event, and we receive constant feedback that individuals want us to bring back “Tour De Lights,” which was the ability to walk or bike through the event, to do music with lights and to be able to volunteer in the wish shop. And, after 27 years of Jolly Holiday lights we recognized that in order to continue to provide a joyful holiday fundraising experience that we needed to innovate while responding to what our attendees have asked for.

  • How will those with mobility issues or patrons concerned with the weather participate in this kind of event?

    The Outlets of Des Moines provides an ADA compliant shopping experience for all, including complimentary wheel chairs for those who may need it. The covered nature of the shops and outlet also ensures attendees are able to enjoy going from store to store, or specific events, without the winter weather interfering with their plans. The average daily temperature in December, in Iowa, is 32 to 43 degrees. Typically the coldest month in our state is January.

  • Why did you relocate Jolly Holiday Lights?

    The new owners of Adventureland continue to evolve their plans for the park, just like we continue to evolve at Make-A-Wish Iowa. While we are moving away from the park location, the relationship remains strong and we are thankful for the support that they provide to our Wish kids in a multitude of other ways. We are thankful for the strong ties we have within the Des Moines metro community to plan a very special holiday event at the Outlets of Des Moines.

  • Can you return to Waterworks Park?

    For 20 years, Jolly Holiday Lights took place at Waterworks Park. In December 2015, the Des Moines area was impacted by unseasonable heavy rains and the area of Waterworks Park was flooded out, destroying most of our light displays and forcing the event to be cancelled at the peak of the season. In 2016, Jolly Holiday Lights moved out to Adventureland Resort.

    Due to Waterworks Park being in a flood plain, our insurance will not cover the event, making it impossible for us to return to that location.

  • Are there special events? How will people get involved?

    Four fun events will be held throughout the duration of Jolly Holiday Lights:

    • The Jolly Holiday Lights Kickoff Ceremony on Nov. 17, 2023. Tickets are $25/person.
    • Breakfast with Santa at the Outlets on Dec. 2, 2023. Tickets are $25/person.
    • Santa Paws: Pet Photos with Santa on Dec. 6, 2023. Photos are $10 each.
    • Train Ride at the Outlets on Dec. 9, 2023. Tickets are $5/person.
    • Sip & Shop Night at the Outlets on Dec. 15, 2023. Tickets are $25/person.

    Tickets are available on our website,  

  • Is there a fee to walk through the shopping area or displays?

    Not at all! Shopping at the Outlets of Des Moines during the holiday season (Nov. 17-Jan. 7) is going to be an immersive winter wonderland experience, paired with stories and reminders of the power of wishes. Patrons who want to shop, visit the Wish Shop, or enjoy taking in the magic of the season can do so free of charge. The Wish Shop will be open during Outlet Mall hours and will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

  • How will you raise money through this new event model?

    Anyone can support Make-A-Wish Iowa by shopping at the Wish Shop, attending one of our special events purchasing the Jolly Holiday Lights coupon book or donating directly to our mission. With nearly 400 critically ill children in Iowa waiting for their wishes to be granted, we need to support of everyone to grant hope and resiliency in 2023!  The Wish Shop will be open during Outlet Mall hours and will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.